Capture the Flag!

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a popular game mode that combines offensive and defensive tactics for an incredibly tense and fun time! Your team will have to balance grabbing the other team’s flag with defending your own while also protecting your flag carrier. How will your team get it done?! #CTF #CaptureTheFlag #Tactics #fun #PureTactics

Defend Flag

How Many Defenders On Your Flag?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode that requires tactics and patience.  Running blindly towards the other flag will get you tagged out.  Not defending your flag will see it grabbed from under your nose.  Winning the match requires that you balance attacking and defending. So how many members of your team will you Read more about How Many Defenders On Your Flag?[…]

Defend Flag

Defend Your Flag!

In the heat of a pitched CTF battle you might be tempted to skip defense of your flag.  Don’t do it!  Defending your flag is as important as mounting an offensive rush to capture the other team’s flag.  With the right balance of offense and defense your team will emerge victorious!