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What sets us apart

Most laser tag businesses give you plastic guns and require you to wear bulky vests while running around shooting wildly at everything that moves. Not us. Our taggers are made out of machined aluminum or composite and our sensors are light and easy to wear. We set up game modes that require tactical and cooperative game play. Play one game with us and you will want to come back again and again!!

Get Into the Game

Step out from behind your screen and use your tactics in real life

Tactical Training

Use our laser devices for military or law enforcement training

Teamwork is Key

Work together to ensure your team is victorious


In addition to team deathmatch and capture the flag, we offer many unique gamemodes. You can find a complete list here

If you have any ideas for game modes or want to suggest a custom game mode that you think would be awesome, please fill out our survey. Thanks!

  • 2 teams rush to capture and defend specific zones on the map. The longer a team holds a zone, the more points they get. Points are multiplied by number of zones captured and the team with most points wins!

  • 2 teams (Insurgents and Peacekeepers). Insurgents plant the bomb in a specific area. Peacekeepers try to eliminate all Insurgents before the bomb is planted. There are no respawns!

  • 2 teams and only one flag. Each team rushes to the flag and tries to take it back to their spawn/base. Once captured the flag is reset. The first team to 3 captures wins.

  • A team of 2 have five minutes to hunt down everyone else. The hunters have unlimited respawns and the hunted have only one life (no respawns) and limited ammo. If the hunted survive, they win. If the hunted are eliminated, the hunters win!

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