November 1, 2017

Team Building

team buildingTeam building is not merely a catch phrase.  It’s a goal to which any company or group should aspire.  It brings unrelated people together and allows them to walk together and to row in the same direction.  It encourages people from all walks of life to work together to solve problems and by doing so makes the entire team stronger.

Building a team that trusts each other and walks lockstep towards company goals isn’t easy.  It takes time and it takes effort.  The individual team members must understand how their actions and reactions affect the entire team.  Mutual trust and understanding must be nurtured.   It can’t be demanded and isn’t merely dropped into place.

Many of you have been involved in team building exercises.  The goals in these team building exercises often include:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Enhancing Collaboration Skills
  • Team Bonding
  • Improving Communication
  • Building Interdependence and Trust

These are fantastic goals and many programs have been developed to turn these goals into reality and to turn flailing teams into forces with which to be reckoned.  But let’s be honest, some of the team building exercises are cliché and others can be kind of lame.

Fear not, Pure Tactics offers team building with flare and tons of fun!

If you have to go to a team building event for work, do you want to sit around a table and share a pen to draw a picture together?  Or walk through a maze blindfolded?  Or stand around falling into your coworker’s arms?  Sure these activities can help you learn to trust each other or work together, but are they fun? Are they designed to meet team goals while giving you an entire day of fun?

Host your team building event with Pure Tactics and you will not only enhance your team and meet your team building goals but you’ll do so in a setting that you will enjoy on a day you won’t forget!

Team Building Options

Here at Pure Tactics we understand that there are a variety of ways to address team building and that many companies have different time to devote to these goals.  Understanding these differing needs, we’ve developed and honed three different team building programs:

A – We’re already fairly team-like

Team building isn’t a single day affair.  It takes time, practice and requires ongoing effort.  Some companies have worked on creating and fostering their teams for months or years and have done a fantastic job of building trust and rapport.  To keep up the team morale requires a bit of work every now and again.  What better way to keep up the good spirit and continue building the team’s morale than some tactical laser tag?!

Option A is designed for those companies who want a quick gaming session to polish their team skills and rapport.  Packages include set-up, check-in, instructions and two hours of gameplay with a variety of team and goal based games.  Your team will have an awesome time and walk out better aligned.

B – We could use a refresher

Perhaps your team has been working on building trust, rapport and morale for months or even years, but you haven’t done anything to foster that feeling in a while and need a bit of a refresher.

Option B offers a half-day session with set-up, check-in, instructions and four hours of gameplay with a variety of team and goal based games.  In between games we’ll discuss how working together helped one team win while not working as a team resulted in a loss.  The game modes and instruction are designed to force teams to work together to succeed and we’ll make sure everyone understands and applies the concepts.  Your team will have a great time and leave ready to rock!

C – We need some serious help

Maybe your company is just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while and your team or teams haven’t quite clicked yet.  You recognize how much more productive you all could be with a little work, but haven’t had the time to put it all together and help foster the team morale.  Pure Tactics can help!

Option C is designed for companies who want their teams to have the trust and rapport needed to soar, but who haven’t had the time to bring it all together yet.  For these teams Pure Tactics offers full-day programs.  These programs can be designed for a full day of games designed to foster teamwork along with discussion of the modes and how working as a team will help.  Alternatively, we can design a half day program combined with a half day of discussion in advance with your teams to allow us to maximize team building and growth during the half day of game time.  Your team will leave ready to take on the world and to take your company to the next level!


Whichever option your team chooses, you are sure to have fun, create memories that will not be forgotten, foster teamwork and boost employee morale. Contact Pure Tactics today to get started!