High Value Target

How do you Defend your High Value Target?

You have only one task: defend your High Value Target (HVT).  The other team has only one goal: take down your HVT.  What do you do?  What tactics do you use?  How many people do you set to defend the HVT?  Without tactics and teamwork your HVT will be taken out.  Consider your options and Read more about How do you Defend your High Value Target?[…]

Defend Flag

How Many Defenders On Your Flag?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode that requires tactics and patience.  Running blindly towards the other flag will get you tagged out.  Not defending your flag will see it grabbed from under your nose.  Winning the match requires that you balance attacking and defending. So how many members of your team will you Read more about How Many Defenders On Your Flag?[…]

Adult Fun

Don’t Let The Kids Have All the Fun!

Silly rabbit, Pure Tactics isn’t just for kids!  We can host adult only events, tournament style COD games or just about anything you can think up.  We can also drop this .50 Cal into play and let the parents create an entirely different element of gameplay for their kids.  You’re never too old to have Read more about Don’t Let The Kids Have All the Fun![…]