two taggers

When one tagger isn’t enough

Sometimes one tagger just isn’t enough and you have to dual-wield to get the job done!  While we don’t generally have dual-wielding games, we want our guests to have as much fun as possible. Sometimes that means bringing out more taggers and letting people simply have fun – that’s what it’s about, right?!  #fun #taggers Read more about When one tagger isn’t enough[…]

50 cal smiles

The .50 Cal Makes Everyone Smile

You literally cannot control the smiles when you grab the .50 Cal and start firing off rounds.  The smiles keep rolling and rolling – just like your ammo!  Your friends scatter and you rule the filed.  At least until they take you out since you’re a stationary target.  Are you ready to take the .50 Read more about The .50 Cal Makes Everyone Smile[…]