February 20, 2016

About Us

We are a family owned company.  We started Pure Tactics to provide entertainment to everyone who wants to have fun in Southern California!  We have realized that our programs can also provide teamwork goals in the corporate or business setting as well.  Law enforcement and military can also use our products for training purposes or to merely blow off steam.

Our taggers are machined aluminum (heavy; for adults) or composite (lighter; for children) and our game modes are designed to encourage teamwork. We also have specialized taggers like a .50 Cal Machine Gun, M4s and AK-47s that we can bring into particular game modes.

We differ from other laser tag companies based on our equipment and our game modes.  We don’t require you to wear a heavy, plastic vest – ever.  At minimum you can play with a tagger alone.  For more advanced game play we add head sensors.  Also setting us apart is the fact that we can set up games indoors or outdoors and anywhere in between!

We’re here to make sure you have fun or build teamwork within your business!  Contact Pure Tactics today so we can set up your next event!

Meet the team!

James, Jr. – Managing partner of a local real estate law firm, James, Jr. leads the well-oiled Pure Tactics team.  As a Southern California native, James’ love for outdoor activities and gaming led to the formation of Pure Tactics.  James has also been honored with successive Microsoft MVP awards since 2005 and is no stranger to technology.

James, Sr. – With over 40 years in the real estate financial industry, James, Sr. handles all of the financial heavy lifting for Pure Tactics.  Having grown sales of companies to over $150 million in the past, James has set his sights on making Pure Tactics the premier tactical laser gaming company around.

James, III – As a multi-year local organizer of CodeDay San Diego, James, III (or more commonly J3) has valuable experience in event organization and coordination of large groups of individuals of all ages. His affiliation with CodeDay and StudentRND has led to many opportunities to learn about and lead others in the ins and outs of programming and technology.

Kaylin – Serving as the social media director for Pure Tactics, Kaylin brainstorms and executes on visions of social media genius.  Kaylin brings her success in helping produce two school yearbooks and her photography and caption writing skills to Pure Tactics to promote the best tactical laser gaming company in existence!

Angela – Owner of a local marketing and Public Relations firm, Angela brings over 30 years of marketing brilliance to the Pure Tactics team.  Responsible for our amazing logo and vehicle and trailer graphics, Angela makes sure our image reflects our pure awesomeness.

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