June 4, 2016

Currently Available Game Modes

PLEASE NOTE:  Below is a short list of currently available game modes.  Not all game modes may be available for play on-site as they may require extra setup or specific locations.  We are also adding game modes all the time. Feel free to drop us a line if you don’t see a game mode here that you want to play!

  1. Team Deathmatch: 2 teams on the battlefield.  10 respawns total per team.  Last team standing wins!
  2. Deluxe Deathmatch: 2 teams on the battlefield.  Medkits and/or ammo boxes enabled.  No respawns.  Last team standing wins
  3. Zombies: Humans vs. Zombies.  2 players start as zombies.  Zombies have higher damage, semi-auto firing and unlimited respawns.  If a zombie eliminates a player, that player will have a death delay of 5 seconds until they die and are made a zombie.  During the death delay period, the player can be healed by a medic and avoid becoming a zombie. Each game lasts approximately 3-5 minutes unless every player becomes a zombie in which case the zombies win.  For humans to win they must survive the full time of the round.
  4. Hardpoint: 2 teams rush to capture and defend specific zones on the playing field.  The longer a team holds a zone, the more points accrue.  Points are multiplied by number of zones captured.  The first team to the defined point goal wins!
  5. HVT: High Value Target.  2 teams on the battlefield (guards and assassins).  1 referee will join the Guards team and become the HVT.  The HVT typically has higher health points.  The assassin team must take out the HVT.  The Guard team must safely escort the HVT to a specific location on the playing field.  There are no respawns.
  6. Free for All: No teams.  Instead every man, woman and child fends for himself or herself.  5 lives per player and the last player standing wins.
  7. Deluxe Free for All: No teams.  Every man, woman and child for himself or herself.  Each player has 5 lives.  Medkits and/or ammo boxes are enabled.  The last player standing wins.
  8. Demolition: 2 teams: Insurgents and Peacekeepers.  The Insurgents plant a “bomb” somewhere on the playing field.  The Peacekeepers try to defuse the bomb before time runs out.  There are unlimited respawns.
  9. CTF: Capture the Flag.  2 teams and two flags.  One flag on each team’s spawn/base.  A player from the opposite team must “take” the enemy’s flag to their own spawn/base to score a point. The first team to 3 or 5 captures wins.
  10. CTF Royale: Capture the Flag Royale.  2 teams and only one flag.  Each team rushes to the flag and tries to “take” it back to their spawn/base.  Taking a flag back to a team’s base scores a point.  Flag can be reset if it doesn’t make it to the base and 30 seconds elapses.  Medkits and/or ammo boxes are enabled.  The first team to 3 captures wins.
  11. Hunter/Hunted: One person has or a two person team have five minutes to hunt down everyone else. The hunter has 200 points of health, burst-firing and does 20 damage.  The hunted each have one life, semi-auto firing and hunted weapons deal 20 damage . Each round will last 3-5 minutes. If the hunted survive, they win.  If all hunted are eliminated, the hunter wins.
  12. Hide n’ Seek: 2 teams on the playing field: Attackers and Defenders. Defenders will have 3 minutes to hide a target box somewhere on the playing field (within defined boundaries) and get back to their base. Attackers try to find the box and destroy it. Defenders try to prevent attackers from destroying the target box.  Each rounds lasts 5-10 minutes unless the box is destroyed

Don’t see a game mode that you want to play?  Contact us and let us know or check our live list as we update and modify different modes: Gamemodes