October 10, 2016

City Permits

We can host an event just about anywhere!  We’ve hosted events in office buildings, in backyards, at schools and in various parks.  Hosting an event in a public park provides ample space for games but may require that you obtain a use or facilities permit from the City in which the park or area is located.

To ensure your event goes off without a hitch and that we won’t all be chased away before we all have fun, we’ve put together the following information on various cities in Southern California and links to more information for use or event facilities permits for each City.

If your City isn’t listed, please let us know.  If you have links to the process you followed in your City please shoot them along so we can include them!

We provide this information merely as a starting point for your research and because things often change, we can’t guarantee that the information is the most current or is everything you’ll need.  It should however, act as a great starting point for you!


Cardiff is a part of Encinitas and uses the same information and applications as Encinitas (see below).


Carlsbad has two different types of permits for public areas depending on the size of the gathering.  There’s a Facilities Use Application and permit  for events with more than 25 people, and a Special Events Application for events with more than 50 people.  Click on these links to find more information about the Facilities Use Permit and the Special Events Permit and generally about the rental and use of public facilities and general permitting in Carlsbad.  You can also review the City of Carlsbad website for more information.


Encinitas seems to have a relatively simple Special Events Permit Application as well as a more complex Special Events and Permit Application.  There is also additional, general information on Special Operations Permits available. You can also review the City of Encinitas website for more information.


Escondido doesn’t appear to have their applications or reservation forms online. They do, however, have a list and map of all of the local parks, and they direct you to contact their community services department for more information on reservations of parks.  You can also review the City of Escondido website for more information.


A Special Events Permit may be required for use of public facilities in Oceanside.  For help in determining whether a permit will be required, Oceanside offers a Special Events Planning Guide.  If required, the Special Events Application must be submitted to Oceanside at least 60 days in advance along with their required fee.  You can also review the City of Oceanside website for more information.


San Marcos offers three different types of reservations or applications.  One is for certain areas within parks that can be reserved (they list them out specifically on their website), and second is for larger, special events that might require shutting down streets, etc., and a third is for block parties.  Each type of event requires different information to be submitted.  You can also review the City of San Marcos website for more information.


Solana Beach appears to require a Special Event Permit for groups of 25 or more and block parties or other events may still require a Special Events Permit.  Solana Beach provides the Special Event Application online. You can also review the City of Solana Beach website for more information.


Vista may require a Special Events Permit and the application must be filed at least 10 days in advance of the planned event.  The Special Events Application and FAQ is also provided online.  You can also review the City of Vista website for more information.