Smiles abound!

There is never a dull moment and it is always all smiles when playing laser tag with Pure Tactics.  Have you had a chance to game with us?  What are you waiting for?  Call us now!  #lasertag #smiles #happy #PureTactics

Be Free and Get Into it!

Straight Gangsta!  Okay maybe not, but in the heat of battle you might find yourself reacting in ways you never imagined or envisioned.  Let yourself go.  Let yourself be free.  Soak in the fun and enjoy yourself like no one is looking!  #gangsta #befree #noworries #fun #lasertag #PureTactics

50 cal smiles

The .50 Cal Makes Everyone Smile

You literally cannot control the smiles when you grab the .50 Cal and start firing off rounds.  The smiles keep rolling and rolling – just like your ammo!  Your friends scatter and you rule the filed.  At least until they take you out since you’re a stationary target.  Are you ready to take the .50 Read more about The .50 Cal Makes Everyone Smile[…]

Defend Flag

How Many Defenders On Your Flag?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode that requires tactics and patience.  Running blindly towards the other flag will get you tagged out.  Not defending your flag will see it grabbed from under your nose.  Winning the match requires that you balance attacking and defending. So how many members of your team will you Read more about How Many Defenders On Your Flag?[…]

Adult Fun

Don’t Let The Kids Have All the Fun!

Silly rabbit, Pure Tactics isn’t just for kids!  We can host adult only events, tournament style COD games or just about anything you can think up.  We can also drop this .50 Cal into play and let the parents create an entirely different element of gameplay for their kids.  You’re never too old to have Read more about Don’t Let The Kids Have All the Fun![…]